American Aero Services, Open Hangar Day – The Bombers

American Aero Services hosted an Open Hangar Day to showcase the work that they do. Part of this work is the winter maintenance of the Collings Foundation’s Bomber Fleet.

Here is a collection of pictures of the bombers. Next will be fighters to include the P-51A, F6F Hellcat and the FW 190.

Open Hangar Day at American Aero Services, 5 Jan

American Aero Services will host an Open Hangar Day on 5 January at the New Symnra Beach Airport starting at 9 AM. The Collings Foundation’s B-17, B-24 and P-51 will be on display along with military vehicles.

Also, Florida Sport Aviation Antique and Classic Association (FSAACA) has been invited to attend so expect a few fly-ins.