Japanese N1K1 “Rex” restoration by American Aero Services

At American Aero Services, the restoration of a Japanese Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu “Rex” is about to begin. This aircraft known as “Rex” 565 was part of the 951st Kokutai (Air Group) at the tail end of WW2. Its role with the Imperial Japanese Navy was to be a floatplane fighter. It is believed that less than 100 airframes were built.

This aircraft was 1 of 4 that were brought back to the United States for technical evaluation.

After the evaluation, the aircraft was displayed at Willow Grove NAS from 1946 until 1982 when it placed into storage by the National Museum of Naval Aviation. Now in the possession of American Aero Services, this aircraft will be restored for display purposes.

This should be an amazing restoration to follow.

4 thoughts on “Japanese N1K1 “Rex” restoration by American Aero Services

  1. This plane should be returned To the museum at Willow Grove. The aircraft was saved from the scrapheap by the maintenance officer at Willow Grove, David Asher. It was restored by base maintenance personnel and the DVHAA. It was put on display along with many other saved aircraft by the DVHAA and bass commander. It and other rare aircraft were taken by the Navy and given to other museums. Someone should do the right thing and return it to the people that saved and restored it.

    1. It looks like Willow Grove NAS was closed and the property is going to be redeveloped. I think that is why the airframes were removed.

      1. The plane was removed thirty years before the base was even put on the list to close. No, this was simply someone wanted the plane out of Willow Grove. Besides the museum is still there and getting bigger. If you do a little research you will see the awesome aircraft this museum saved from the scrap heap only to have them “ taken” and put at other museums.

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