Fantasy of Flight unboxing of a Spitfire Mk.XIV

If you have never been to Fantasy of Flight, there are a few stacks of containers on the field that are/were used for storage of aircraft. Aircraft in these containers include Kermit Weeks Lancaster, P-47 and this Spitfire Mk.XIV. These containers are starting to have issues so there has been some unboxing on the field.

The P-47 was unboxed a few months ago and I posted pictures of this aircraft a few weeks ago.

The Spitfire unboxing was recorded and posted on Facebook.

P-47 at Fantasy of Flight

This is the first of many future posts on my recent visit to the Fantasy of Flight (“Lite”) Museum. Stopped by on a Saturday and was glad to see that there was a good turn out of people to visit that day. Lots of great aircraft on display from WW2, Air Racing and other daily flyers.

This post will cover the P-47 that was recent removed from its shipping container and put on display. As I mentioned in a previous post, I remember that conversation of a recent acquisition of the a P-47. Quite pleased to see that it made it to the light of day.

This P-47D Thunderbolt, 44-32814, was delivered to the Venezuela Air Force in April 1949 and flew for a number of years before going on display in the 80’s at the Escuela Superior de la Fuerza AĆ©rea, Caracas. Kermit Weeks acquired the aircraft in the early 2000s with it registered as N47FF. Plans to restore it has been discussed in the a couple of Facebook posts.