F4U-4 Corsair “Korean War Hero” will be at the Orlando Air and Space Show, 16-17 October

Jim Tobul will be flying his F4U-4 “Korean War Hero” as part of the Navy Legacy flight this upcoming weekend.

Kermit Weeks and the P-47 box

I remember back in the early 2000’s, one of the tour guides at Fantasy of Flight stating that there was a P-47 in box on the other side of the field. This was back when the current “Museum Lite” was a maintenance facility and there was no tour access. Well, do to some on site work being done on containers (rust) and wooden shelves (termites), the container with the P-47 was opened.

Below are some of the photos of the P-47 that Kermit posted online of this Venezuelan Air Force P-47.

Kermit Weeks A-26 update

Kermit Weeks’ posted this update on Facebook concerning the restoration of his A-26 in California.

OK, Gang, despite some weather issues, our Douglas A-26B now has most of its paint and markings on!

Special thanks to Michael O’Leary from Air Classics, who did a LOT of research to come up with the original and accurate squadron markings from when it flew in France during WWII.

The individual markings couldn’t be found, so I am going to take a bit of “artistic license” with the nose art. Stay tuned”

Looks like it may be coming to Florida in the near future.