Fantasy of Flight Stinson O-49 Vigilant named “GRAND CHAMPION WARBIRD” at SnF

The Fantasy of Flight Stinson O-49 Vigilant, 40-3102, was named the “GRAND CHAMPION WARBIRD” at the conclusion of Sun N Fun 2015. The restoration of the airframe took over 15 years of work after it was damaged in Hurricane Andrew.

From wikipedia, the design of this aircraft came in response to a 1938 United States Army Air Corps design competition for a two-seat light observation aircraft. When the German-manufactured Fieseler Storch was demonstrated at the Cleveland Air Races, the Air Corps revised its specifications in an attempt to match the performance of the Storch. Stinson (later a division of Vultee), won the $1.5 million contract over 11 competitors, including the Bellanca YO-50 and Ryan YO-51 Dragonfly.

This airframe was previously owned by Paul Mantz.

Congrats to Kermit Weeks and his team!

vultee_l-1_fof  Screenshot - 4_27_2015 , 3_45_01 PM



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