Fantasy of Flight TBF engine run

Fantasy of Flight posted pictures on Facebook yesterday of the engine run of their TBF. They are currently working on getting this airframe current so it can be flown, as well as painted.

This aircraft was part of the Taimiami museum and was the last aircraft owned by Mr Weeks to be brought out of his old museum site.

photo credit: Fantasy of Flight

Help paint P-51 Precious Metal

If you have on your bucket list, the desire to design a paint scheme for a P-51, here is your chance.

If you have on your bucket list, the desire to design a paint scheme for a Reno Air Racer, here is your chance.

Thom is offering a chance for you to do just that. Rules are listed below.

PM paint contest

P-51 “Precious Metal” volunteer offering

Want to work on a P-51? Want to work on an air racer? Here is your chance.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The annual winter rebuild of Precious Metal started today. If you’d like to join in the efforts of an Unlimited team, please e-mail

Though we have all required skills on the team already, the following would come in handy: Composite, sheetmetal and bondo/paint. Although the only real requirement is enthusiasm. We can train anyone…

The airplane is located at the Kissimmee Air Museum in central Florida.


Open Hangar Day at American Aero Services, 5 Jan

American Aero Services will host an Open Hangar Day on 5 January at the New Symnra Beach Airport starting at 9 AM. The Collings Foundation’s B-17, B-24 and P-51 will be on display along with military vehicles.

Also, Florida Sport Aviation Antique and Classic Association (FSAACA) has been invited to attend so expect a few fly-ins.

Fantasy of Flight’s Stinson L-1 has wings

The Fantasy of Flight has recently attached the wings to the Stinson L-1 and this restoration is in it final steps. Hopefully a return to the air will happen soon.

According to wikipedia, “The Stinson Vigilant was used in diverse roles such as towing training gliders, artillery spotting, liaison, emergency rescue, transporting supplies and special espionage flights.”

Image credit: Fantasy of Flight