Colling’s Foundation looking for tour help in Tallahassee for 4-6 March

The Colling’s Foundation posted this on their Facebook page today. If you are in the Tallahassee area and can help, respond as requested.

“Is there anyone in the Tallahassee FL area that could help spread the word of the Wings of Freedom tour coming to town? Send email to Hunter –
Happy New Year All ~”

Colling’s Foundation 2013 tour dates for Florida

The Colling’s Foundation has announced the following dates and stops for their Florida tour. More dates are forthcoming.

1/18-1/20     Sebring, FL  (B-17, B-24 & P-51)
Airport: Sebring Regional Airport
Location/Event: Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo

1/21-1/23     Zephyrhills, FL  (B-17, B-24 & P-51)
Airport: Zephyrhills Municipal Airport

1/23-1/25     TBD  (B-17, B-24 & P-51)

1/25-1/27     Venice, FL  (B-17, B-24 & P-51)
Airport: Venice Municipal Airport

1/28-1/30     Fort Myers, FL  (B-17, B-24 & P-51)
Airport: Page Field Airport

1/30-2/1     Marathon, FL  (B-17, B-24 & P-51)
Airport: The Florida Keys Marathon Airport

2/1-2/4     Boca Raton, FL  (B-17, B-24 & P-51)
Airport: Boca Raton Airport

2/4-2/8     TBD  (B-17, B-24 & P-51)

2/8-2/10     Fort Lauderdale, FL  (B-17, B-24 & P-51)
Airport: Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

American Aero Services wins Oshkosh Golden Wrench for A-36 restoration

Congrats to American Aero Services for winning the Golden Wrench award at Oshkosh 2012 for the outstanding restoration of the A-36 Apache. Hopefully this same award will be won in 5-6 years when the FW-190 is airborne.

Photo credit: Parr Yonemoto