Florida Wing, Commemorative Air Force

The Florida Wing of the Commemorative Air Force has finally re-emerged from its absence on the web with two new editions of their newsletter for November and December. For those you not familiar with the Florida CAF Wing, they are in the process of restoring to flyable condition a TBM Avenger. They have a couple of liaison type planes in their possession as well as a new built hangar to house the restoration and other soft items of their collection.

Their TBM has a history of serving with the US Navy and Royal Canadian Navy. She was sold by the RCN and became an aerial bomber in Canada.

As with a lot of non-profits, they are looking for funds to support the restoration. The December newsletter highlights the Challenge Grant that is being offered to them from CAF headquarters. Best of luck on this project and I look forward to taking a ride up to their hangar to see the progress

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