Current Fantasy of Flight restorations

Here is a list from various sources, like WIX, Kermit Week’s blog and other forums about the restoration of aircraft for the Fantasy of Flight museum. If you have any additional info or photos, let me know.

A-26 Invader “Whistler’s Mother”: Final stages of the restoration at Aero Trader. Waiting for the 2nd engine to arrive.

3 Boeing 100: A restoration of an original Boeing 100, that was damaged in the hangar collapse during Hurricane Andrew, by Roy Rehm in Nevada. Mr. Weeks has contracted for 2 additional Boeing 100’s to be configured as a Army P-12 C/D and a Navy F4B-2

Grumman Duck in Kansas

Corsair center section and Kingfisher in Australia

Stinson L-1: Being restored at the Fantasy of Flight shop. (photo credit to Joe Amend)

Seversky P-35: Being restored at the Fantasy of Flight shop. (photo credit to Joe Amend)

Grumman TBM Avenger: This was being restored at the Wings over Miami museum and it is still there now.

Hawker Tempest V: Undergoing restoration at Personal Plane Services (PPS) in England. This has been a slow restoration but a highly anticipated one. Latest photos available here and here.

updated with L-1 and P-35 photos, 27 Nov 08

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