22nd Annual Naval Aviation Symposium

The Naval Aviation Museum Foundation’s 22nd Annual Naval Aviation Symposium brings together military elite May 7–9 at the National Naval Aviation Museum for three days of exciting events including a golf tournament, performances by the Navy Band New Orleans and panel discussions featuring Astronauts, POWs and Naval Officers.

Throughout the symposium, attendees will have an opportunity to meet POW panelist Mike McGrath, who will be signing his book, “Prisoner of War: Six Years in Hanoi” before and after panel discussions in the Flight Deck Store. McGrath spent five years and nine months as a prisoner of war in Vietnam after a failed reconnaissance mission sent his aircraft to the ground. His captors transported him to the Hanoi Hilton where he endured a life of isolation, torture and misery. The images etched in Mike McGrath’s memory from his time spent in Hanoi were put to paper and published in the book, and sketches from his book are on display in the POW exhibit in the Museum.

The U.S. Navy will also induct five current and former members of the Navy and Marine Corps into the Museum’s prestigious “Hall of Honor” at the Hall of Honor Enshrinement Ceremony on Thursday, May 8 at 8:30 a.m. in the Blue Angels Atrium. Distinguished enshrinees include retired Navy Adm. Stanley Arthur, Marine Corps Lt. Col. Harold Bauer (deceased), Navy Rear Adm. Clarence McClusky, Jr. (deceased), retired Navy Rear Adm. J.D. Ramage and retired Navy Capt. Robert Rassmussen.

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