Valiant Air Command Airshow, 14-16 March 08

The Valiant Air Command (VAC) will be having their yearly airshow on 14-16 March at the Space Executive Airport in Titusville. Details about the show can be found here.

The attendees may change but here is what is posted:

* Red Baron Acrobatic Team
* F-104 Starfighter
* Memphis Belle B-17 Flying Fortress
* USAF F-15 Strike Eagle Flight Demonstration
* USAF F-16 Viper Flight Demonstration
* USAF Jet Car race with speeding aircraft
* USAF A-10 Warthog
* US State Department UH-1
* US State Department OV-10 Bronco
* USAF C-17 Globemaster
* USAF T-1 Jayhawk
* USN-PC-3
* USN-Hawkeye
* L-39, FW 149, Corsair, O-2, C-123H

Plus many other beautiful warbirds including P-51 Mustangs, T-6 Texans, T-34 Mentors, T-28 Trojans, WW-1 Fokker Tri-plane and Newport, Italian Marchetti, Russian MIG-17, F-86 Sabre, North American B-25 Mitchell’s and many more interesting and exciting former military warbirds.

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