Trip report — American Aero Services, 3 May 2019

On Saturday, stopped by American Aero Services to visit some of the work and aircraft currently on site. Thanks to the guys at the shop for letting us walk around while eating lunch.

This beautiful TBM was in the hangar undergoing some maintenance. The TBM “She’s the Boss” was at the shop and somehow, we forgot to take a photo.

The Collings Foundations P-38 is still undergoing some work to get it ready to be a regular flyer again.

Also, the Collings Foundation P-51B, is coming along nicely. Fuselage is together and the wings are on site. Looks like there may be a name change for this aircraft in the near future.

Getting close for flight is the Collings Foundation F6F Hellcat. Paint looks great on this aircraft.

Saw this on the walk out. Would make a great addition for the house!

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