Trip report — Sun N Fun April 2018, part 1

So, it was Fun, Sunny, Windy, Rainy, Cloudy and even Dark if you were there for the nighttime show. We had a bit of everything during this week long airshow. Did I mention the walking?

Little background, Sun N Fun is a massive aviation event at the Lakeland Linder Airport in Central Florida that has been occurring for the past 44 years. Not only is there an airshow, but education sessions, vendor talks, tents selling new aircraft, old parts & t-shirts and fundraiser. Also, they hosted the arrival of an “Honor Flight” that was filled with veterans that just came back from spending a week in Washington DC. And one last thing, the economic impact on the area is in excess of $60 million.

But I was there for Warbirds and there were a great many. And what may be there one day, might not be there the next day so it kept things fresh. As it got closer to the weekend, the ramp got fuller, until Saturday afternoon when a major storm front reaching from Florida to Southern Canada came through.

First aircraft I saw on the ramp was the Commemorative Air Forces P-63 Kingcobra, based out of Georgia. Missed the NACA/NASA heritage flight between this aircraft and a NASA T-38.

Next aircraft to visit was the National Warplane Museum’s B-17 “The Movie Memphis Belle” which was down in Florida for few months.

First time ever seeing a F8F Bearcat that was not in a museum. As luck would have it, there would be 2 on the field as the day went on.

The mystery Corsair that has been at Stallion 51 was on the ramp. Heard lots of about the aircraft and was happy to seeing. I will post more pictures of this Corsair in another post.

Walked around the ramp, heading down to the Commemorative Air Forces B-17 “Texas Raiders” which was doing rides during the week.

As soon as I made down to the end of the taxiway to see the B-17, a formation came into view. It was the Lewis Air Legends arriving. They flew in with their P-38 “Glacier Girl”, A-20 Havoc and F8F Bearcat.

Taxiing in before them was the P-40 from the Cavanaugh Museum.

A couple of Mustangs were on the field along another Corsair and all types of warbirds. Found myself talking photos all day.

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