Trip Report — American Aero Services, April 2018

American Aero Services was the host location for a Fly-in/Drive-In breakfast to help raise funds for South Volusia County Humane Society. Breakfast was awesome and the turn-out was heavy for a morning at the airport. Ramp had plenty of visiting aircraft and everyone was free to wander around the hangars.

A couple of restorations are taking place at American Aero to include the Collings Foundation’s P-51C “Betty Jane” and Hellcat. The Collings Corsair was also in the hangar. The TBM “She’s the Boss” departed the field, after a large plate of pancakes, and was a delight to see run up and taxi out.

Last time, at the hangar, there were 2 PBYs. Only one is on site now and inside the other hangar.

Looking forward to more pancakes and sausage!

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