VAC C-47 “Tico Belle” heading back to Normandy

The “Daks over Normandy” has announced that the Valiant Air Command will be flying their C-47 to Normandy to participate in the 75th anniversary of D-Day, June 2019. Plans are to have over 30 DC-3/C-47 on hand to commemorate the D-Day landings and the men behind it. Aircraft for all around the world will be flying in to honor the event. In addition, many will be participating in airborne drops.

The VAC is looking for monetary donations to support this flight. The “Tico Belle” is a combat veteran having participated in these WW2 operations:

Normandy – June 1944 – Operation Neptune (D-Day)
Southern France – July 1944 – Operation Dragoon
Holland – September 1944 – Operation Market-Garden
Belgium – December 1944 – Relief of Bastogne (The Battle of the Bulge)
Germany – March 1945 – Operation Varsity

More details to follow.

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