Collings Foundation tour dates for Florida in 2017

As usual, the Collings Foundation will kick off the 2017 tour by visiting various cities across Florida in January and February. Rides and walk on tour are available with prices and times found here. Looks like the B-17, B-24, B-25 and TF-51 will be touring.

Dates and locations:

Stuart Witham, Jan 20-22
Pompano Beach, Jan 23-26
Boca Raton, Jan 26-29
Marathon/Florida Keys, Jan 30-Feb 2
Naples, Feb 2-5
Punta Gorda, Feb 6-9
Ft. Myers, Feb 9-12
Tampa, Feb 13-16
Venice, Feb 16-19
Pensacola, Mar 3-5




2 thoughts on “Collings Foundation tour dates for Florida in 2017

    1. They added dates after the first announcement. Thanks for the catch.

      I am thinking that there will be an open hangar day in late February to address any squawks.

      Have you ever been to American Aero Services at NSB?

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