Open Hangar Day recap from American Aero Services, January 2016

Did not have a lot of time for an extended visit at American Aero during their Open Hangar day in January so only a few pictures this day. The turn out was amazing with over 1000 people reportedly visiting during the day. Donations to the local Humane Society were stacked pretty high.

It was good to see the P-40 back together again and in the sunlight. I have some walk around video that I need to compile and post.


AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0008 AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0007 AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0006 AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0005

AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0004 AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0003 AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0002


AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0017 AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0015 AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0014 AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0011


AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0019 AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0013  AAS_Open_Hangar_Jan_2016-0012


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