TBT — FW190 at Flying Tiger Museum, early 2000s

Built by Norddeutsche Dornier at Wismar in June 1944, and transferred to the Luftwaffe on 13 July 1944, 931862 was assigned to 9./JG 5 as White 1+0. Flown by Unteroffizier Heinz Orlowski, this aircraft was shot down by North American P-51D Mustangs over Norway in the “Black Friday” engagement. It was recovered in the early 1980s from a Norwegian fjord. Originally under restoration in Kissimmee, Florida, USA by The White 1 Foundation, it was transferred to The Collings Foundation in 2012, and is expected to be returned to airworthy status.

FW190_FTM_5 FW_190_FTM2 FW190_FTM3 FW190_FTM1 FW190_FTM_6

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