American Aero Services Open Hangar Day

American Aero Services welcomes the Colling’s Foundation bomber to the field with an Open House were visitors can get up close to the aircraft. Maintenance is in high swing, as well restoration of some other aircraft.

Pictures of B-25H Barbie III at American Aero




AAS_Fall_2015-0063 AAS_Fall_2015-0062 AAS_Fall_2015-0061 AAS_Fall_2015-0048 AAS_Fall_2015-0047

AAS_Fall_2015-0059 AAS_Fall_2015-0057 AAS_Fall_2015-0049 AAS_Fall_2015-0054 AAS_Fall_2015-0053

AAS_Fall_2015-0052 AAS_Fall_2015-0051  AAS_Fall_2015-0056 



AAS_Fall_2015-0043 AAS_Fall_2015-0042 AAS_Fall_2015-0041 AAS_Fall_2015-0040 AAS_Fall_2015-0039

AAS_Fall_2015-0038 AAS_Fall_2015-0037 AAS_Fall_2015-0036 AAS_Fall_2015-0035 AAS_Fall_2015-0034

AAS_Fall_2015-0032 AAS_Fall_2015-0031  AAS_Fall_2015-0029 AAS_Fall_2015-0011

AAS_Fall_2015-0028 AAS_Fall_2015-0027 AAS_Fall_2015-0026 AAS_Fall_2015-0025 AAS_Fall_2015-0024

AAS_Fall_2015-0023 AAS_Fall_2015-0022 AAS_Fall_2015-0021 AAS_Fall_2015-0020 AAS_Fall_2015-0019

AAS_Fall_2015-0017 AAS_Fall_2015-0016 AAS_Fall_2015-0015 AAS_Fall_2015-0014 AAS_Fall_2015-0064

AAS_Fall_2015-0013 AAS_Fall_2015-0012  AAS_Fall_2015-0010 AAS_Fall_2015-0002 AAS_Fall_2015-0001




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