Weeks’s Tempest V coming to Florida

The guys at the Hawker Typhoon RB396 Restoration Facebook page posted some pictures of the Tempest V that is at PPS in Booker being prepped for transport to the US. I have seen that the staff at Fantasy of Flight are getting the documents together to continue the work on the aircraft once it arrives in Florida.

photo credit: Hawker Typhoon RB396 Restoration

KWeeks Tempest July 2015-0005

KWeeks Tempest July 2015-0007 KWeeks Tempest July 2015-0006 KWeeks Tempest July 2015-0004 KWeeks Tempest July 2015-0003 KWeeks Tempest July 2015-0002 KWeeks Tempest July 2015-0001

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