Fantasy of Flight Golden Hill aircraft

Located at Fantasy of Flight, is a storage facility named Golden Hill, that was opened to house some of the aircraft waiting restoration or a place to be displayed. Back in April 2014, on the last day that this version of Fantasy of Flight, these pictures were taken.

Some the aircraft displayed include:

Lavochkin La-11 10142
P-38 LIGHTNING 44-26761
A-24B Banshee 42-54643
F6F Hellcat BuNo 43041
Bell P-63 Kingcobra

140406_C (264)

Zero_Center_Section Zero Zero wings Zero fuelage Westland Lysander Tupolev Tu-2_2 Tupolev Tu-2_1 Tony_wing Tempest Sikorsky S-55 Panther P-38_3 P-38_2 P-38_1 Me-108-Taifun Martin Dart Lavochkin LA-11 Junkers_Ju52_2 Junkers Ju52_1 Harvard Grumman_Duck Gloster Meteor Fairey_Swordfish F6F_Hellcat_2 F6F_Hellcat_1 Corsair fuselage Catalina CAC Boomerang Bell P-63 Kingcobra Beech_AT-11 Antonov An-2 A-24Banshee_3 A-24Banshee_2 A-24Banshee_1 140406_C (290) 140406_C (267)  140406_C (231)

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