Fantasy of Flight — Golden Hill bombers

On the last day of Act 2 operations, we took tour of the Kermit Weeks’ bombers that are stored in the Golden Hill facility across the street from the main hangar. A trolley would drive visitors back and forth through out the day to the two buildings that stored various ariframes, parts and aviation memorabilia.

Here are some the pictures that we took of the following aircraft:

B-17 44-83525 “Suzy Q
B-23/UC-67 39-0057 “Dragon Lady
B-29/P2B-1S 45-21787 “Fertile Myrtle

B-17 Suzy Q 1

B-29 Fertile Myrtle 4 B-29 Fertile Myrtle 3 B-29 Fertile Myrtle 2 B-29 Fertile Myrtle 1

B-23 Dragon B-17 Suzy Q 2 140406_C (222)


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