Warbirds and BBQ at Lakeland in November

From the Sun N Fun Facebook wall:

When Pigs Fly South, so do warbirds! That’s right, this year’s BBQ challenge & festival is going to include a warbird fly-in!

Now you know, fly-ins are always subject to changes for weather, traffic and availability, but check out the birds that have RSVP’d so far: L-39, P-51, Yak 9, T-33, OV-1, T-34, CJ-6, Yak 52, BT-13, Stearmans, T-28, T-6, O-2, and B-25.

This year’s event will be the best yet!!!”

More info here: http://www.sun-n-fun.org/getdoc/65274efd-a70e-43a1-b0f0-a093fe75db20/PigsFlySouth.aspx


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