Fantasy of Flight — November opening of museum

The staff at the Fantasy of Flight have posted the following on their Facebook page. Hope to be there on opening day.

“We are still on a trajectory to open “Act 3” of Fantasy of Flight in 3-5 years. In fact, we just signed a contract with IDEAS for the next steps toward that goal!

In the meantime, while we reimagine the main facility, we will be opening a “scaled down” museum attraction, hopefully in November over in the maintenance hangar across from the main campus.

It won’t house all our planes, just a few. But we’re going to try to pick some that you hardly, if ever, got to see when FoF was open along with some old favorites. We’ll also try to mix up the variety as time goes on. It won’t be as grand as FoF Act 2, but it will be a chance to get at least some of our collection back in touch with the public. That will have to do until Act 3 is ready.

We appreciate all your support and interest as we’re going through this transition, and hopefully the scaled down museum is a demonstration of that gratitude. It will be nice to welcome you back, even if in a more limited way!”

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