Sanford Naval Air Station Ventura Restoration

At the Orlando-Sanford International Airport, there is a dedicated group of men that are working to restore a PV1-Ventura, a type that flew from this field back in the 1940s when the airfield was the Sanford Naval Air Station.

This PV-1 Ventura was offered to the Sanford Airport Memorial Committee by the Museum of Naval Aviation for display in the airpark. This aircraft has quite the history (  having served with the US Navy and the RAF, along with time South America and Cuba.

Volunteers work on the this aircraft every Saturday and Tuesday in BLDG 125 and are looking for volunteers to assist. The door is always open to visitors as well.


IMGP4904 IMGP4906 IMGP4910

IMGP4893 IMGP4894 IMGP4898


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