Fantasy of Flight changes days of operations

Today, the Fantasy of Flight announced a change to hours and days of operation. The entire announcement is below.

Effective May 6, Fantasy of Flight is introducing new operating hours: Thursday through Sunday, 10a – 5p. All previously scheduled group reservations or events will take place as planned.

Our creator and founder Kermit Weeks also announced plans to make the most of the new schedule to refine the popular attraction elements and develop new experiences that speak to the attraction’s mission: to “Light that Spark Within.”™

Kermit says, “Over the years I’ve realized there are a number of people fascinated with aircraft but there are even more fascinated by flight. Flight is a powerful metaphor, which more than anything symbolizes pushing our boundaries, reaching beyond ourselves, and freedom.”

To take advantage of this opportunity, we’ve decided to close on days that have not been traditionally as busy and use the time to focus on development. “We see the new operating schedule as a win-win for both the public and us,” Kermit says. “By reducing our days open, we will be able to deliver more focus to our daily customers and use the closed days to focus on developing an even better product that will touch even more people.”

Part of the change in operating hours has necessitated a reduction in workforce. “After weighing options for several months, some difficult decisions have been made,” says Kermit. “But from change comes opportunity.”

“My commitment to moving the mission forward is stronger than ever,” Weeks said. “More than just an aviation museum, we are truly an ‘Attraction on a Higher Plane.’ I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished so far, but even more excited about what I know we can create in the future!”

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