Marketing of the Fantasy of Flight

Not sure who has taken over the Marketing Department at the Fantasy of Flight Museum, but they are doing one heck of a job. The eNews emails have been coming out again as well spot announcements about is going on at the museum.  Whomever you are, keep up the great work!

In the latest eNews, the following was added:

“Secrets from the Maintenance Hangar
(The large white building across the field)

We all know that Allison engines are legendary for getting airplanes off the ground. Now the engines themselves are finally off the ground. The Fantasy of Flight Aircraft Department have just constructed massive pallet racks (civilians call them “shelves”) that have lifted 24 factory-fresh (60-plus years ago) Allisons off the ground—creating much needed floor space for more airplane maintenance. Check this space next month for further aircraft maintenance adventures. (Rumor has it that the Polikarpov 2 will be taking wing soon, but let’s keep that between us…)”

Lets hope that the Po-2 takes to the air soon.

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