“Wings of Freedom” Tour by the Collings Foundation

The “Wings of Freedom” Tour by the Collings Foundation once again starts by visiting across the state of Florida after its maintenance visit at American Aero Service in New Symrna Beach. Check out their site for the latest tour info.

1/18 – 1/21
Fort Lauderdale, FL (B-17 & B-25)
Airport: Fort Lauderdale Executive
Location: Banyan Air Services

1/22 – 1/24
Pompano Beach, FL (B-17 & B-25)
Airport: Pompano Beach Airpark
Location: Anthony Aviation

1/24 – 1/28
Boca Raton, FL (B-17 & B-25)
Airport: Boca Raton Airport
Location: Avitat Aviation

1/28 – 1/30
Naples, FL (B-17 & B-25)
Airport: Naples Municipal Airport
Location: Naples Jet Center/Sterling Aviation

1/30 – 2/1
Fort Myers, FL (B-17 & B-25)
Airport: Page Field Airport
Location: North Ramp

2/1 – 2/4
Venice, FL (B-17 & B-25)
Aiport: Venice Municipal Airport
Location: Venice Jet Center

2/4 – 2/6
Tampa, FL (B-17 & B-25)
Airport: Vandenberg Airport
Location: Leading Edge Aviation

2/6 – 2/8
Kissimmee, FL (B-17 & B-25)
Airport: Kissimmee Gateway Airport
Location: Atlantic Aviation

2/8 – 2/10
Ocala, FL (B-17 & B-25)
Airport: Ocala Regional / Jim Taylor Field
Location: General Aviation Ramp

2/11 – 2/21
Maintenance Break

2/22 – 2/25
Keystone Heights, FL (B-17 B-24 & B-25)
Airport: Keystone Airpark
Location: Main Ramp

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