Visit to National Naval Air Museum, Sept 2018

I see that I never uploaded photos from our family visit back in 2018. This place is one that really needs 2 days to see all of the exhibits to let it all sink in.

Hopefully, once the lockdown and virus closure is over, I take a road trip back up for a weekend.

Hope you enjoy these photos.

National Naval Aviation Museum Live event, History Up Close, PBY Catalina

The National Naval Aviation Museum is continuing the online tour of aircraft in the collection. Learn more about these aircraft from staff at the museum and a chance to ask questions about them.

“We invite you to join us on Thursday, August 6 at (12 noon ET) 11 a.m. CT for our History Up Close series with LCDR Robert “Kim” Sheldon, USN (Ret.) as he spotlights the Museum’s PBY Catalina.

Leave your questions and comments and he will answer them during the live broadcast.”

Kermit Weeks and his desert storage stash

Kermit Weeks shared this picture via Facebook on 3 July of some of his aircraft located at the Aero Trader yard in California. Not sure if these will ever come to Florida but one can hope.

The A-20G Havoc, 43-22197, was owned by Howard Hughes at one point. The B-26C nose, 41-35075, was previously owned Charles Patterson of Pacific Palisades, who bought this nose in the late 40s. B-29 nose is either, 44-70049 or 44-84084, and both were rescued from China Lake NAS for the movie “The Last Flight of Noah’s Ark.”